[conspire] greetings from Mint Linux 2.0

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 02:44:21 PST 2006

At SVLUG's installfest I saw some interest in Mint ,  an Ubuntu with Flash9 etc. ,  and tried it on my bx . Video didn't work out there and under Gnome I only saw 60hz from my unidentified monitor . The bx has an nvidia 5200 but the built in s3 unichrome on my v2dp got it working . 

Just recovered this letter from the restart after a crash where I was checking a dvd b/u by root on k3b w k3b still open and closing k3b got me a black screen of deth . but I didn't have to retype this . The older foamy and newer Missdynamite both play fine unless too many other tasks cause a frozen loop of sound . So maybe this won't become prime distro as it still has big irq collisions at 10 and 11 . It got my canon ip3000 printing as a 4000 with good gray and bad colors . I don't like how xgalaga played out and miss ctrl,alt,+/- but suspect stealing screen settings from my MEPIS install will fix that. So I'm changing GRUB and will have this as new primary if things go well .  - bruce

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