[conspire] unknown gui installer & competent political designs

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 14:53:27 PST 2006

GUI exist 4a good reason , flaunt it , secret gui is not competent ui design . mo below
 about the alleged difficulty of
> installing Debian, and much was mode of the lack of a GUI installer. 
> Actually it does exist, and has for a while. It has been updated for
> the Etch RC1, but it's a bit of a secret. If you burn the install ISO
> and boot, it looks the same as it always has, but if you type
> installgui instead of just hitting enter graphics.  The speaker really
means "I want an OS installer that asks me very, very few questions and
does extensive hardware autoprobing."...
 point used by MS-Windows and
Macintoy OS users for years:  "Linux needs more applications."  ...$ grep Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages | wc -l...I pointed out that the return value of 17,511 was the number of...Mr.
Windows said:  "Um, desktop productivity software, ....
Two _elected_ officers, serving two-year terms beginning and ending at
the November meeting of even-numbered.... "Hi, I hope you don't mind us referring
to you as the [foo] Coordinator from this point forward." .... http://www.svlug.org/officers.shtml.performed slight correction on Hatcher's kid , but ignorantly rounded up to 20,000 packages and only mentioned the top 3 office suites when she could only mention 1. They admitted that simply MEPIS 601 DVD impressed them ( could someone else toot its horn 4 me as i can't seem to edit my googlepage from any computer here , the last time ane edits took was at ricks ) . Terry = immensely smitten w her lastest beau so I'm not finishing off my virginity on the Bond Girl who was Lead Featherette when the Oscar Winner who was Head Cheerleader formally introduced us back in HS.  ( we also all did algae for our bio reports that year ) . [ the girl next door look is a pretty high hurdle 4 me but i've figured out where all the attractive women went when I left high school . ]

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