[conspire] thanks^2

george pope gpope at pcmagic.com
Tue Mar 14 23:23:59 PST 2006

Two meetings ago with Karsten's help I thought I saw the light at the end of 
the tunnel. Not quite. The next day Rick gave up a Sunday pm to actually 
enable a couple of basic things which the evening before under the influence 
I thought would be easy.  So then I was able to go on line. However I hate to 
admit how much time during the following two I put in trying to to get Kmail 
and a printer going. These took a lot of Jim Dennis's help at last Saturday's 
gathering.  So now I'm extremely happy to be really using and learning Linux.

I think that desire to "give back" to others some the vast collective 
Linuxmafia's knowledge and experience  under such congenial conditions to 
newbies like myself is both kindly and admirable.    

Yours truly

George Pope 

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