[conspire] [RESOLVED] Daniel G - can't boot iMac after pushing power button instead of button for cd-rom tray

Darlene Wallach wallachd at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 11 13:47:13 PST 2006

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Darlene Wallach (wallachd at earthlink.net):
>>It is still the same after an hour on all consoles.
> Darlene, please do bring that puppy up to West Menlo Park, tomorrow
> afternoon, and we'll figure out what ails it.

Some futher odd behavior and booting successfully with

On booting the iMac:
Loading, please wait...
insmod: can't read ...

ctrl-alt-F2 thru F6:
blank screen and can't see anything when I type on the
keyboard. The blinking cursor stays at the top left
corner of the screen

Looks like the booting messages are being displayed and
hanging after Configuring network interfaces:
* Starting RAID devices ... [ok]
* Starting hardware event daemon ... [ok]
* Creating initial device nodes... [ok]
* Setting disc parameters... [ok]
* Checking foor file system...
/:clean, 95328/750720 files, 627877/1500244 blocks [ok]
* Initializing modules... [ok]
* Cleaning up ifupdown... [ok]
* Calculating module dependencies... [ok]
* Loading modules... [ok]
* Setting the system clock... [ok]
* Setting up LVM Volume Groups... [ok]
* Starting Enterprise Volume Management System... [ok]
* Checking all file systems... [ok]
* Mounting local filesystems... [ok]
* Restoring resolver state... [ok]
* Setting up networking... [ok]
* Reading desktop files... [ok]
* Starting hotplug subsystem... [ok]
* Configuring network interfaces... [ok]

The blinking cursor is under and to the right of the last "[ok]"

The screen keeps whatever was on the previous screen.
i.e. the insmod messages from F1 or the blank screens
from F2-F6 or the booting messages from F8

How I resolved the problem:
In the F8 screen I can type and see the characters. I pressed
ctrl-alt-c and the iMac continued the booting process and
successfully got to the gui login screen. I loggedin and saved
the /var/log/messages file then I rebooted and came back to a
gui login screen.

Other odd behavior when using the ubuntu live-powerpc option on
the ubuntu live-cd:
ctrl-alt-F7 and F8 - the power button was yellow
ctrl-alt-F1 thru ctrl-alt-F6 the button was green or
would turn green if I was moving from ctrl-alt-F7 or F8
and would sound as if the monitor was starting up

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