[conspire] Daniel G - can't boot iMac after pushing power button instead of button for cd-rom tray

Darlene Wallach wallachd at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 9 22:50:35 PST 2006

Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:
> Those messages are harmless. Sounds like X.org is suddenly having trouble
> starting up. You should see more details of this if you switch to virtual
> console #8 with ctrl-alt-F8. If nothing there sheds any light on why X
> isn't coming up on virtual console #7, go to virtual console #2, and log
> in. Then see whether there are any clues in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, where
> error lines will have "EE" near the beginning. I seem to recall having a
> similar problem at one point on the iBook, but I don't remember anything
> about the details or how I fixed it, only that it was simpler than I
> initially made it out to be, and that it involved a lot of rebooting. I
> will not be at CABAL this weekend, but hope to make it to the SVLUG
> installfest the following weekend.


Thank you for responding so promptly.

I can't get to a virtual console - ctrl-alt-F8, ctrl-alt-F2
do not get me to a console with a login prompt. I get either
a blank screen
ctrl-alt-F8 gets me to a console with the messages from booting
stopping/halting at
* Configuring network interfaces... [ok]
ctrl-alt-F1 takes me to the console with the insmod messages.
ctrl-alt-F2 takes me to a blank console

I'll check back with you closer to Sat, 18th March in case
you can make to the SVLUG installfest.

Thank you,

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