[conspire] (forw) [Pigdog] This makes me smile...

'Rick Moen' rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jun 29 17:15:00 PDT 2006

Quoting Bill Lazar (bill at billsaysthis.com):

> Having blogged for the last five-plus years I might take offense at this
> comment but I'll humor myself by assuming my jabbering falls occasionally
> into your latter grouping.

Why, Bill, I'm sure your eloquence comes through on every page, and I 
do look forward to seeing it.  (Besides, present company is always
excepted.  ;->  )

Honestly, I've not seen your blogging comments, and I _am_ pretty
certain I'd enjoy them.  But I'm sure you've seen what I refer to:
Vacuous me-too-ism, juvenilia, missing the point, trolling, logrolling,
whining about crosslinking for purposes of page rank whoring, and the 
list goes on.  The irony is, we oldtimers dreamed of the day when anyone
could be an Internet publisher easily and routinely, forgetting all
about the fact that most people are boring, or cranks, or just
inarticulate and/or have little to say.

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