[conspire] Overstuffed Ubuntu sources.list for Daniel

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jun 26 17:40:14 PDT 2006

At the CABAL meeting, Daniel asked _where_ I'd posted a comically
kitchen-sink /etc/apt/sources.list file prototype for Ubuntu.  I said I
believed it had been on IRC (#svlug on Freenode) -- and I was correct.
Here's the exchange:

18:20 < redrick> sn9: So, I've now burned CDs of every variant for every 
                 architecture (including SPARC) of Dapper Drake for: Ubuntu, 
                 Ubuntu Server, Kubuntu.  I'm downloading the four ISOs of 
                 Xubuntu I didn't have, and ignoring only Edubuntu.
                 Distrowatch points out this blog post with a sources.list on 
                 steroids for Dapper:  
18:27 < sn9> i already include a a number of those, and was considering adding 
             the compiz ones
18:27 < sn9> certain repos in that list, though, are very harmful to include 
             unless you know exactly what you're doing
18:28 < sn9> the skype line in there will definitely break the system
18:29 < sn9> i already stated my position on the PLF
18:32 < redrick> Yes, I certainly would assume there would be harmful and 
                 mutually incompatible collections in there.
18:33 < redrick> Adding unofficial sources like mad used to be a disease only 
                 among unwary Debian users; it's good to see the ailment is 
                 branching out.
20:12 < sn9> really? i would have though Debian would have had more resistance 
             to that than other distros, considering how humongous the 
             collection in the official sources is
21:22 < redrick> Oh, indeed.  I'm always amazed at people doing that to
                 themselves anyway.

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