[conspire] I am shocked, shocked, to hear this

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 23 13:57:52 PDT 2006


  Security researchers have found a way to seize control of a laptop
  computer by manipulating buggy code in the system's wireless device

  The hack will be demonstrated at the upcoming Black Hat USA 2006
  conference during a presentation by David Maynor, a research engineer
  with Internet Security Systems and Jon Ellch, a student at the U.S.
  Naval postgraduate school in Monterey, California.


  The two researchers used an open-source 802.11 hacking tool called
  LORCON (Lots of Radion Connectivity) to throw an extremely large number
  of wireless packets at different wireless cards. Hackers use this
  technique, called fuzzing, to see if they can cause programs to fail, or
  perhaps even run unauthorized software when they are bombarded with
  unexpected data.

  Using tools like LORCON, Maynor and Ellch were able to discover many
  examples of wireless device driver flaws, including one that allowed
  them to take over a laptop by exploiting a bug in an 802.11 wireless
  driver.  [...]

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