[conspire] the ongoing saga of problems getting dsl working

Mark Weisler mark.weisler at comcast.net
Thu Jun 15 09:05:29 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 14 June 2006 23:58, freepalestin at dslextreme.com wrote:
> On Monday morning I successfully got an IP so I kept everything connected
> including my browser when I left my house in the early morning. When I
> returned home late Monday night, I no longer had an IP. I called DSL
> Extreme tech support. They temporarily tried giving me a static IP to see
> if that would work. I could not get an IP even though I had a static IP
> assigned to my PC. I also could not get an IP on my iMac.
> Tonight I tried to get an IP on both my PC and my iMac. I got an IP on my
> iMac, on which I have Ubuntu installed. On my PC I have Fedora Core 3.
> It has been suggested that I try a different modem. Someone from DSL
> Extreme on a previous call had suggested my NIC might be bad.
> DSL Extreme wants me to try hooking another computer with Windows
> installed.
> Is there something I can run on my PC to check the NIC and whether it is
> working correctly?
> Is there another list I should post this to?
> Does anyone have any other suggestions?
> Thank you,
> Darlene Wallach


I think it would be worthwhile to swap out the DSL modem you are 
currently using with a different one known to work correctly. Since you 
previously swapped your hub for a switch and had the same problems this 
suggests the fault is toward the WAN side of your LAN. Your service provider 
reports that everything is fine as they can see it so the next component to 
suspect is that DSL modem.

DSLExtreme might let you borrow one (perhaps of a different manufacturer than 
than the one you are presently using) for troubleshooting purposes. Or you 
might borrow one from a friend or neighbor. (There are lots of DSL modems 
floating around because providers often give them away to new subscribers 
whether the subscriber needs one or not. And people frequently leave them 
behind as they move out of apartments or houses.)

Also, IIRC you said the cable (phone wires) checked out OK by DSL Extreme. The 
DSL modem is the active electronics component between your LAN and the DSLAM 
at the DSL Extreme office or telephone company central office. [1]

I don't have one of these DSL modems to offer you for testing purposes.
Good luck, I know these things can be exasperating.

[1]  The DSLAM, or Digital Subscriber Loop Access Multiplexer, is typically 
made by someone like Alcatel or Cisco, and placed  in the telco's Central 
Office, or sometimes a suitable remote location. The DSLAM is also active 
electronics equipment and connects to the DSL modem using passive copper 
telephone cable.


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