[conspire] Breezy Badger/configure something

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 3 17:56:48 PST 2006

OK, I need to apologise.  I plead fatigue:

> > Why isn't gcc on my $PATH?
> Wrong question.  You _didn't go looking for_ "gcc", and nor did the
> configure script:  The configure script looked for "cc".  

I'm either tired, blind, or stupid, because in your transcript, you
quite clearly had "./configure [blah]" returning this: 

> > checking for gcc... no
> > checking for cc... no
> > configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

Sorry about that.

I'll bet that _both_ "which cc" and "which gcc" return "Command not found",
and the reason will turn out to be that gcc actually is _not_ installed.

If you believe it _is_ installed, show us (and check $PATH's value).

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