[conspire] HELP - Can't Get Ethernet Card Working in Debian on Laptop

Mark Srebnik msrebnik at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 17 19:11:56 PST 2006

Thanks a lot for all the great info, Daniel!

Just got done upgrading my BIOS from v1.2 to v1.4.....

Read the thread on Toshiba ToPIC issue, sounds like difficulties for someone
like me....

Since I installed with 'pci=off' what is simple way to turn it back on?

Any other suggestions, remember I'm a linux noob.... Don't mind doing
research though..... ;-)

Thanks for any help....


on 2/17/06 2:25 PM, Daniel Gimpelevich at
daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us wrote:

> After reading Rick's two most recent posts to the conspire list, I have
> come to the conclusion that you sent this e-mail to me directly only
> because you made failed attempts to send it to the list, so I am CCing
> the list in my reply.
> You're right, they don't have that model in the scrolling list, but
> this appears to be a simple oversight, because lower on the same page,
> they have a link labeled "DynaBook SS DS60P/1N8M" with a footnote
> saying that you do not need the update if you already have a version
> after V1.3P, even though the version they have for download is 1.40:
> http://dynabook.com/assistpc/download/33pccard/ss3480_13p/ss3480_140.exe
> Here is the spec sheet in English for your model:
> http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/eng/spec.php3?model=PA-DS60
> Here is a translated report of an installation of Mandrake on your
> exact model:
> http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/eng/pc/memo2/SSDS60.htm
> Here is a report of SuSE 8.2 on the similar model you mentioned:
> http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/eng/pc/memo2/ptg3480.htm
> After you update the BIOS, here is a page that may help get CardBus
> working:
> http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.a-
> yu.com%2Fpub%2Fqa50.html&langpair=ja%7Cen&hl=en&safe=off&c2coff=1&ie=UTF
> -8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools
> original page:
> http://www.a-yu.com/pub/qa50.html
> Based on the following thread, I'd say it may be necessary for you to
> use an Andrew Morton kernel:
> http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-pcmcia/2005-June/001992.html
> Proper support for the ToPIC CardBus chipsets, such as the one in your
> computer, appears to be brand-new, and little information is available
> on it. I and others on this list may be of much use to you in making
> use of the information that is available, but for now, here are the
> Babelfished BIOS update intructions:
> BIOS update procedure (procedure C)
> * Note
> The case where BIOS is updated, please go when all PC cards are
> removed. [Appears to mean that you must not have any cards inserted
> during the update process. -DG]
> When the machine becomes configuration of resumption, please cancel.
> [Not sure, but the original sentence begins with: "(katakana for
> 'machine') ga (katakana for 'resume') no (kanji for 'configuration')"
> -DG]
> POWER please cancel ON PASSWORD. [Appears to mean that you must turn
> off "POWER ON PASSWORD" beforehand. -DG]
> As for the update job of BIOS, please use the USB connected floppy disk
> device. [Self-explanatory. -DG]
> As for the update job of BIOS, please go when by all means the AC
> adapter is connected. [You must be running off AC power. -DG]
> BIOS while (in the midst of the access lamp illumination of FDD)
> updating, please do not pull out the power source OFF and the floppy
> disk of the machine. [Self-explanatory. -DG]
> * Verification of BIOS version
> 1  While pushing "the Esc" key, you turn on power.
> The "Check system. Then press [ F1 ] key" and after the displaying, [
> F1 ] the key is pushed.
> 2  Please verify the version "of BIOS version=xx" with respect to the
> picture right.
> As for BIOS update object version procedure 3. to please advance.
> [Refers to step 3 below. -DG]
> When it is not the object, [ ESC ] pushing the key, it ends.
> 3  "USB-FDD Legacy Emulation" "of PERIPHERAL" configuration entry of
> the same picture is modified in Enabled. [Turn that on. -DG]
> It modifies in Enabled, it moves to the entry which we would like to
> modify with the arrow key, modifies with "the space" key.
> In order to make the contents which it modifies effective, [ Fn ] + [
> End ] after pushing the key, [ Y ] the key is pushed.
> (After BIOS update, please reset "USB-FDD Legacy Emulation" to
> Disabled.)
> * BIOS update procedure
> 1  From the summary which module of the corresponding type it is
> downloaded is displayed, please download the module of the
> corresponding type.
> Other than the corresponding type being not to be able to use, in order
> the ぐ れ not to make a mistake, please give and note. [I told you this
> in my first message. -DG]
> 2 BIOS the creation USB floppy disk device of the update floppy disk is
> connected to the personal computer, the floppy disk of the format being
> completed in A drive after the inserting, the file which is downloaded
> is run from the explorer et. al..
> Ahead depressing directory "a: The ¥ "you verify that it is displayed,
> click [ OK ].
> Two modules are depressed in the floppy disk.
> In this case, please cancel the write protection of the floppy disk.
> 3  Shutdown (the end of Windows) shutting down, it turns off the power
> of PC.
> Continuing being to update BIOS, the floppy disk inserted it leaves.
> (Please be sure to do shutdown processing. The high spring -, it cannot
> update BIOS normally in Shaun and from suspended state)
> 4. [ half/while the power source ON [ half/all ] key of way and PC
> which push all the ] keys is pushed, the power of PC is turned on. [I'm
> guessing this means to turn the machine on while holding the "半/全" key,
> wherever that is. -DG]
> "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive,
> and press any key when ready to proceed. "Message is displayed and the
> update of BIOS starts.
> (Please do not pull out the floppy disk and the AC adapter midway)
> 5  Being to restart automatically, when the update of BIOS which
> fetches the floppy disk ends "ROM Write Successful! "Message to be
> displayed, because recovery it is moved automatically, please fetch the
> floppy disk.
> * Inquiry window
> Concerning technical question and the inquiry, the Toshiba PC dial
> TEL: 0570-00-3100 Nabi dial nationwide common telephone number
> Office Hours: Weekday 9:00〜18:00 Earth day 9:00〜17:30
> (Holiday, 12/31〜1/3 you exclude)
> When you cannot connect to the above-mentioned telephone number by the
> portable telephone and the like, TEL: We can inquire even with
> 043-298-8780.

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