[conspire] puzzled about printing port 9100 and guarddog

Peter Knaggs peter.knaggs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 12:45:19 PST 2006

Hi All,

   I found that when printing to networked
   printers, I have to add a "user defined"
   port 9100 to my guarddog firewall config,
   to allow CUPS to send my printouts to
   the printer.

   But when I look in /etc/services, there's
   no mention of what 9100 is for. I know I
   got the number from somewhere, but my memory
   isn't what it used to be. Googling for 9100
   shows it's indeed a very popular port for
   printing to, but doesn't explain why it isn't
   listedn in /etc/services, or have a nice
   user-friendly checkbox in guarddog.

   guarddog *does* have a nice checkbox for
   "IPP" (port 631) but I think that's for
   offering CUPS services to remote users,
   so that they can use a locally-attached
   printer, am I right?

   By the way, Inkling has made incredible
   progress on a GUI app for quickly removing
   commercials from a TV recording.
   Check it out:
   search down for "xtscut" (there's a link
   to an image which gives an idea of what it
   looks like). It makes cutting parts out
   of a transport stream very speedy. He coded it
   up in less than a month, amazing :)


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