[conspire] Cobalt Qube2 revival

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Thu Feb 9 18:09:13 PST 2006

According to Rick Moen,
> Daniel wrote:
> > I was more curious about the Cobalt Qube, but the NetWinder is
> > interesting, too. IIRC, the voltage on the Qube's power supply would
> > trail off. 
> They were notoriously weak, that being people's biggest complaint about
> them.  I've just sprung $15 on eBay for a replacement, beefier PSU
> intended for HP Omnibook laptops:  One can hack those (re-soldering to
> the Qube PSU's plug) to make them Qube-compliant.

Anyone need an HP Omnibook power supply?  I have a couple in
a box in my closet.

A clever hack for 12V power, by the way, is to open your
standard UPS.  They usually have a 12V gell cell inside.
You can just tap off of it.

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