[conspire] Enhanced HP LaserJet III printer needs a home

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 6 09:58:39 PST 2006

You may not have seen one of these in a while, but there are a large
number still in service:

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet III printer
Enhancements:  JetDirect (ethernet) card, Adobe PostScript cartridge,
extra fonts cartridge, 3 MB RAM sticks in the RAM sockets (for 4MB

Advantages:  Unlike the LJ4 and later (Ricoh or Canon P-270 "EX" engine),
these were really, really built to last, and had a straight-through
paper path (Canon SX engine) that essentially never misfeeds.  My LJ III
was reconditioned by an expert repair outfit a few years ago, and so is
still in absolutely top condition, even though it's 15 years old.
Because they were absolutely ubiquitous and used a popular Canon
photocopier engine, toner supplies for them are very cheap -- and I'll
be giving away two unused toner cartridges, still sealed, with the
printer.  Quality:  600 dpi (effectively, with variable dot-sizing).  It
runs very quietly.  100 sheet tray included:  Add-ons are still a
commodity market item, and cheap.  Printing languages:  PostScript,

Disadvantages:  The sucker's _huge_.   It's also heavy (about 60 lb.)
Speed is nominal 6 ppm, I think:  It's no speed demon, but reasonable.
Also, this was built before printers went into power-saving sleep mode,
so you'll want to leave it powered off when not actually using it.

Photo and description:

I'm still re-finding the original manuals, but you can have the printer
NOW.  Telephone (650-283-7902) or e-mail me to pick it up, evenings.

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