[conspire] Re: CD-RW laser going into failure?

Eric De Mund ead at ixian.com
Thu Feb 2 16:02:40 PST 2006

Good People,

Thank you for all your responses. Ross, thanks for telling me that
higher burning speeds have sometimes worked for you, sometimes not
worked for you, lower burning speeds have sometimes worked for you,
and sometimes not worked for you. It's always nice to know that one
isn't alone on the receiving end of vagaries.

Here is the latest and what I hope is the final note on this issue: I
opened up a new spindle of these low-end "GQ Great Quality" 700 MB/
80 min CD-Rs (1-52X compatible), UPC code 90848 10507 for those who
might wish to know such a thing, and the first one off the top of the
spindle burned and verified completely without error. Go figure.

I've never had any trouble with this low-end brand of CD-Rs before; I
guess my number was up.

Ah, as a data point for puzzle afficionados in the group, when I reduced
the burn speed to 4x using a CD-R from what I'll call "the bad batch",
the data verification errors started showing up approximately 44% of the
way through the data, whereas at 8x they were showing up aproximately
65% of the way through the data.

"It is true that some of my fiction was based on actual events. But the
events took place after the fiction was written." --Edward Abbey

Eric De Mund
email: <ead at ixian.com>

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