[conspire] Re: CD-RW laser going into failure?

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 2 07:24:04 PST 2006

On Feb 2,  02006, at 12:46 AM, Daniel Gimpelevich wrote:

>> I'm burning at 16x and 12x. And in an attempt to "not miss any  
>> bits", I
>> even attempted a burn at 8x. No luck. I still received read errors
>> approximately 2/3 of the way through the data, which is the 694 MB
>> strong <KNOPPIX_V4.0.2CD-2005-09-23-EN.iso>.
> 8x is still faster than some media can handle well. Do you know the  
> specs
> of the media you are using? Can the drive query the media for specs?

There are a number of factors that can account for not being able to  
burn at
higher speeds on particular media even though it is rated for the  
higher speeds.
I would try a 4x and even 2x with the media and then try a different  
batch of
media from another brand before ruling the problem the burner.

There seems to be no accounting for the differences between drives and
any particular disk. I have an audio CD that I wanted to rip to the  
Worked fine on the e-Mac at work. At home on the dual G5 Mac, the  
last track
consistently would not read without errors. I hooked up an external  
drive via
firewire and it had no problem. This is the only time that I have  

I have had batches of cd-r media that would burn fine on one drive,  
but not on
another. Some will not burn at the rated speed, but works fine at a  
slower speed.
Some works at higher speed, but not lower. Go figure!

I have taken to buying the Taio Yuden cd-r disks in 100 pack spindles  
as they seem
to work well for me and I can get them very inexpensively. My last  
spindle of 100 was
only $10 plus tax license and dealer prep. They are supposedly rated  
at 52x but I
typically burn them at x12 to x16 though my drive is rated at 24x.

If Eric can get ahold of an external drive, he might try that to rule  
out problems with
the burning process on the computer or a problem in the file. I can  
bring mine to the
next Cabal meeting.


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