[conspire] question about EIDE ATA hard drive to buy

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Tue Dec 19 20:56:05 PST 2006

> ... question about EIDE ATA hard drive to buy ...

> Anyway, do people have experience good/bad with:
> Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate?
> Is there a recommended place to buy a hard drive?
> I have a VA Linux 420 with IDE 30GB hard drive that I
> want to replace with a larger drive.

The cynic weighs in:

Companies change.  When a brand gets a good rep, the usual behavior of
a corporation is to cash in by changing to a cheaper supplier
(subcontractor, contract manufacturer, moving plant to state or
country with lower cost of labor).

So I'd be skeptical of any brand-based recommendations.

The only real objective measure of how much a company stands behind
their product is the length of their warranty.  And that's only if
they aren't about to go bankrupt.

I may be a cynic, but its won from painful experience.

> Thank you,

Are you sure?


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