[conspire] tiger on a mac book

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 14:29:19 PST 2006

Tiger OS comes from net BSD so its a NIX like linux , I'd dual boot but I multi boot everything , I prefer KDE on KDE behavior and might install it on  Tiger , w98 etc . , and relocate panel to top for real useability [ not my w98 habit due to crashes ] . K3b has been so flacky you may wanna keeep tiger just for burning discs . I stick to x86 and don't plan on becoming expert at  mac multi booting . 

This is a little off topic but I just put Os Tiger on the G3 imac and  
it really rocks. It boots up from pushing the button in about 45  
secs. Ubuntu takes 90 secs.Tiger's got a more sophisticat.......
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