[conspire] large layoff at OSDL

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Dec 4 14:24:03 PST 2006

Quoting Adrien Lamothe (a_lamothe at yahoo.com):

> What's up with this?
>      http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2067433,00.asp

Stephen Shankland reports, based on a morning press conference, that CEO
Stuart Cohen has resigned; COO Mike Temple moved up.  1/3 of staff (ten
total) left, leaving nineteen.  They intend to save money by ceasing
some long-running very broad initiatives (high-end servers, telecom
gear, mobile phones, desktop computers) that by now have become
mainstream and more than adequately handled by commercial companies, and
focus more on smaller areas still needing application software.  They'll
also focus more resources on legal issues.

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