[conspire] (forw) CABAL CDs and DVDs kit, lent for SVLUG installfest

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Aug 3 20:07:13 PDT 2006

(Reminder:  1st August CABAL meeting is _this Saturday_.  
The 2nd one will be a week early, at Picnix 15 -- see www.linuxpicnic.org .
We will _not_ have a 4th-Saturday meeting, in August.)

New stuff includes a refresh of the Debian 3.1 "sarge" CDs, plus
the latest FreeBSD NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Slackware.  Mostly what I've
done is gotten rid of ye olde junque.

A large part of why I bother fetching new distributions is "hardware churn".
E.g., your new ThinkPad T60p with its ICH7 SATA chipset and very new
Intel e1000 ethernet chipset isn't going to load an old distro.  (The
other reason is security.)

This is also why I'm fetching the latest Debian 4.0 "etch" beta2 images, 
from March 15:  While the official 3.1 "sarge" images at least offer a
2.6.8 installation kernel at the CD boot prompt (as alternative to the
standard 2.4.27), "etch" beta2 makes a clean break and advances to
kernel 2.6.15 -- and thus to its improved driver selection.

That can be an important advantage.  A whole lot of new SATA, Serial
Attached SCSI, and ethernet chips are appearing for 2nd half 2006, and
increasingly the old ISOs will be problematic.

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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 19:33:40 -0700
To: reiber at gmail.com
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Subject: CABAL CDs and DVDs kit, lent for SVLUG installfest

Paul --

Here is what I'll be lending you to do the SVLUG installfest at Picnix
15 (taken from http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/installfest/#distros ):


    * cAos 2.1 (2005-07-28) for i386
    * CentOS 4.3 (2006-03-21) for i386 and x86_64 (4 CDs each)
    * Damn Small Linux 3.0.1 (2006-06-20) for i386
    * Debian 3.1r2 "sarge" (2006-04-20) for i386, PPC, and SPARC
    * Debian 3.1r0a "sarge" (2005-06-13) for x86_64
    * Fedora Core 5 (2006-03-20) for i386 and x86_64 (1 DVD each)
    * FreeBSD 6.1 (2006-05-08) for i386 and x86_64 (2 CDs each)
    * Gentoo Linux 2006-0 (2006-02-25) Live CD and Installer for i686
    * Gentoo Linux 2006-0 (2006-02-25) Minimal Install for i386
    * Gentoo Linux 2006-0 (2006-02-25) Universal for x86_64 and PPC
    * grml 0.5 (2005-10-24) for i386
    * Kanotix 2006 "Easter Edition" RC4 (2006-05-14) for i586
    * Knoppix 5.0.1 (2006-06-02) for i386
    * Kubuntu 6.06 "Dapper Drake" (2006-06-01) Desktop and Alternate CDs
      for i386, AMD64, and PPC
    * Linspire 5.0 build 59 (2005-03-16) for i586
    * Mandriva Linux 2006 (2005-10-15) for i586 (3 CDs)
    * Mandriva Free (LiveCD) 2006 (2005-10-15) for i586
    * SimplyMEPIS 6.0RC2 (2006-06-21) for i586
    * NetBSD 3.0.1 (2006-07-06) multi-cd1: i386, macppc, sparc, sparc64
    * NetBSD 3.0.1 (2006-07-06) multi-cd2: alpha, amiga, atari, mac68k,
      next68k, sun3
    * NetBSD 3.0.1 (2006-07-06) multi-cd3: amd64, cobalt, mpcmips, pmax, sgimips
    * OpenBSD Unofficial 3.9 snapshot (2006-07-20) for i386
    * PCLinuxOS 0.92 prerelease (2005-11-20) for i386
    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ES Update 3 (2006-03-12) for i386 (4
      CDs) and x86_64 (5 CDs)
    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES Update 8 (2006-07-20) for i386 and
      x86_64 (4 CDs each)
    * Slackware 10.2 (2005-09-15) for i386 (2 CDs)
    * SuperRescue CD (by H. Peter Anvin) 2.1.2 (2002-11-09) for i386
    * SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (2006-07-17) for i386 and x86_64
      (5 CDs each, or 1 DVD each)
    * SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (2006-07-17) for i386 (1 DVD)
    * SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP3 (2005-12-13) for i386 and
      x86_64 (6 CDs each)
    * SUSE Linux OSS Edition 10.1 (2006-05-11) for i386 (5 CDs, or 1
      DVD) and x86_64 (1 DVD)
    * SUSE Linux 10.1 Live DVD (2006-05-11) for i386
    * SUSE Linux OSS Edition 10.0 (2005-10-06) for i386 (1 DVD)
    * SystemRescueCd 0.2.15 (2004-08-15) for i386
    * Timo's Rescue CD 0.9.12r2 (2004-12-30) for i386
    * Ubuntu Linux 6.06 (2006-06-01) "Dapper Drake" Desktop, Alternate,
      and Server CDs for AMD64, i386, and PowerPC
    * Ubuntu Linux 6.06 (2006-06-06) "Dapper Drake" Server CD for SPARC
    * Ultimate Boot CD 3.3 Full Edition (2005-04-28) for i386
    * Xandros Desktop OS Open Circulation Edition 3.0.1 (2005-02-14) for i386
    * Xubuntu Linux 6.06 (2006-06-01) "Dapper Drake" Desktop and
      Alternate CDs for AMD64, i386, and PowerPC
    * Yoper 2.1.0rev. 4 for i686


    * Borland Kylix Open Edition 3.0 for i386 Linux
    * Corel WordPerfect 8.0 Download Personal Edition for i386 Linux
    * Microsoft NetShow 2.00 build 2.51 (2000-05-23) for i386 Linux

(Yes, that was the first official Microsoft software for Linux, which is
why I keep a copy around -- just for fun.)

All of the distro CDs/DVDs are pretty current and cover popular choices
well, except:  no SLAX, Vector Linux, Zenwalk Linux, Puppy Linux, Arch
Linux, or PC-BSD.  (I'd be blown over if anyone asked for one of those,

I'm in the middle of downloading Debian "etch" beta2 CDs for i386,
x86_64, PowerPC, and SPARC -- and will burn those, too.

A word about _redistribution rights_ (CD/DVD-copying):

All of the above are lawful for the public to download from (at minimum)
authorised download sites, but two of them have encumbered contents:

o  SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (and Server):  These include some
   packages that are simply not permitted to be redistributed by the
   general public (e.g., Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobate Reader,
   RealPlayer), even though those are free of charge to download
   from authorised sites.

o  Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes trademark-encumbered images
   from two SRPMs that the owner does not permit redistribution of
   in _commerce_ without rebranding (e.g., by calling it CentOS).
   I can find no restriction on non-commercial distribution.
   Note:  RHEL is offered by RH only with a bundled support contract,
   but nothing prohibits (non-commercial) copying to others who lack
   any contract.

So, as far as I can tell, you can let people duplicate my RHEL CDs
without violating anyone's rights (as long as you aren't in commerce),
whereas duplicating SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and Server is 
technical copyright violation (that few people would care about).
Accordingly, my practice is to warn people about the SUSE Enterprise
disks, and tell them they can freely dupe everything else.

_Any_ of the above is completely lawful to install onto arbitrary
machines, as far as I can tell.

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