[conspire] Administrivia: Scheduled downtime, Monday, May 8

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Apr 27 17:46:23 PDT 2006

Today, we placed the move order with my local telco and my bandwidth
provider.  The changeover _will_ occur Monday, May 8, 2006.  I've never
moved a DSL line before, so don't know how much downtime to expect,
but have done everything I can think of, to keep it to well under 24
hours (including keeping my present IP addresses).

So:  At some point on that day, this mailing list, my primary mailbox,
and my Web server will become temporarily unreachable, until 
I move the DSL splitter/filter to the new house and bring the servers
back online.  

Some of you have my cellular number, in case things do NOT go well.  ;->  
Also, you can find my backup e-mail address by doing "whois linuxmafia.com".

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