[conspire] Ubuntu on iMac

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Sat Sep 24 02:32:04 PDT 2005

On Sat, 24 Sep 2005 01:38:36 -0700, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting Daniel Gimpelevich (daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us):
>> > 
>> >> Hey, cool.  If you are doing Mac, maybe I'll come and 
>> >> bring my blueberry iMac along and put Ubuntu on it too.
> (After some googling, to make me look as if I know more than I really
> do:)
> I'm guessing that's a 333MHz "Revision D" G3 iMac, marked on the back as
> part number M7440LL/A (blueberry).  Tony, it'd be a good idea to verify
> that, either before you visit or during.

I wouldn't assume that without taking a look, and not just at the case,
but at what software reports it to be.

> If my reading is correct, then this is the set of updates to apply
> (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58174#iMac333):
>   iMac CD Update 2.0   Note says:  "The iMac CD Update 2.0 incorporates
>       the iMac CD Update 1.0. Apple recommends all iMac users with tray
>       loading CD-ROM drives to install the 2.0 update."
>   iMac Firmware Update 1.2  Notes say:  "The iMac Firmware Update
>       version 1.2 should be installed on all iMac computers used in
>       NetBoot client environments. The update also corrects a rare
>       condition wherein SGRAM amounts over 2MB may not be properly
>       identified at startup. This update incorporates the iMac Firmware
>       Update 1.1."  "Before you install Mac OS X, you may need to update
>       your computer's firmware"
>   Apple Modem Updater 1.3.5  Note says:  "The update installs version
>       2.3 of the Conextant firmware, which contains the latest version
>       of both V.90 and the K56flex protocols."
> I haven't yet pulled those down; I'm posting the information here mostly
> for later reference if/when we need to get them.

I don't know how much I trust that page, because it categorizes computers
by their software instead of by their hardware. The link to the modem
updater says that it installs firmware 2.2, not 2.3, and there is no
download because it was superseded by updater 2.0, mentioned for later
iMacs, which installs 2.3 firmware. The iMac firmware 1.2 is only for the
tray-loading models, not the slot-loading ones, which need 4.1.9 firmware.
As for the drive update, I would install it, then check what firmware
version it installed, and compare it against cdfreaks.com and rpc1.org

>> So, in preparation for an install onto a Blueberry iMac, I would ask
>> what's installed on it now, and what you want done with the current
>> hard disk contents.
> Tony, right now would be a really good time to backup onto some other
> media anything on that hard drive you want to keep.  Also, I suspect
> Daniel's going to want to know things like what Mac OS version.  (In
> Finder, select "About this Macintosh".)

That actually doesn't say much, and hardware matters more than software in
most cases anyway.

>> There are also issues with the CD drives in some of them that prevent
>> reading CD-Rs burned either at higher speeds or onto 700MB media
>> rather than 650MB media. This may necessitate a net-install.
> Well, we'll try with our regular 700MB CDR distro CD-Rs.  If that
> doesn't work, I suppose we can set up dhcp/bootp/whatever for netboot.

AFAIK, Ubuntu cannot netboot because the installation kernel plus initrd
exceeds the size of the bootloader's TFTP buffer. However, that would in
no way prevent a net-install.

>> Some older iMacs may also have miscellaneous other hardware issues. If
>> installing from CD, you may want to give a little thought as to
>> whether you would like to start with the Ubuntu installer or the
>> Kubuntu installer. 
> OK, I'm pulling down the Kubuntu for PPC v. 5.10 preview installation
> ISO, and can grab the live CD image in the morning.

Oh, I'm sure the live image can wait until next month's release.

>> In this message, gtkspell flagged "shlepping" and suggested "schlepping"
>> instead. Despite that, it's still a great little piece of software.
> Tsk, tsk.  As Leo Rosten said, that sort of thing won't earn one votes
> in Brooklyn.  ;->

...and I suppose Microsoft Word will?

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