[conspire] Upcoming meeting dates

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 24 13:41:54 PDT 2005

I wrote:

> The other issue is the other November meeting date, Saturday, November 12 
> -- our next meeting.  Problem is that it overlaps Usenix and BayLISA's 
> Bay Area Super User Group (BaySUG) confab, 1-5 PM at the Computer
> History Museum in Mtn. View.  
> http://www.usenix.org/events/baysug05/

But I meant to add:  "...and therefore I've amended the CABAL/BALE pages
for our Saturday, November 12 event to say that the CABAL meeting starts
at _6_ pm, rather than 4 pm.  That leaves an hour for BaySUG attendees
to reach West Menlo Park.

Ah, just what we used to do after Robert Austin Computer Shows.  (And,
yes, they're still dead.)

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