[conspire] 802.11 blues

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Sun Oct 23 02:31:31 PDT 2005

At this time, all versions of the Netgear WG511T use some form of the
Atheros chipset. They are currently the best bet for CardBus (32bit) WLAN
under Linux. There is no such thing as a 802.11g PCMCIA (16bit) card,
although there are plenty of 802.11b ones.

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 02:52:11 -0700, Peregrine wrote:

> Ah, what the hell. I'll throw this question out to the list:
> I need a PCMCIA wireless card that'll 'just work' with Linux. Anyone know
> where I can get one?
> I bought a svelte Sony Vaio on Ebay. It's the PCG-5322 model (aka
> PCG-z505LEK). She's kinda slim on the brains and memory, but what a figure -
> 2.5 lbs - and cheap! It'll boot quite handily from the external USB CD/DVD
> drive. Knoppix finds and runs all the hardware. So does SuSe booting from
> the hard drive.
> I'm having a bastard of a time trying to get wireless connectivity, however.
> I've found various lists of PCMCIA cards that are supposed to have chipsets
> that are compatible with the drivers built into recent kernels. I've
> purchased two so far. When I receive them they turn out to be a "version"
> with a different chipset. For instance, the last one I got was the Linksys
> WPC11. It's supposed to have a Prism chipset. I ripped it out of the mailing
> package, and even before I took the shrinkwrap off I saw the dreaded 'v4'
> appended to the model number. Ten seconds of Googling told me that the v4
> uses RealTek chips.
> This is getting expensive, and I still can't get my Borg outfit going.
> Squilp!

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