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Might be of interest.  Jason started the conversation by saying he
-- as the subject matter suggests -- wanted to rig his new house for
ethernet.  Much discussion followed, much of it advising him of common
errors to avoid.

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Quoting Jason Creighton (jcreigh at gmail.com):

> *nods* Yeah, I like the patch panel idea better than just running the
> cables right into a hub, so I'll probably try that. But long term, I
> would like to own a decent crimper, even if I can get away without one
> right now, hence the question.

Since I happen to be home and have my toolbag in front of me, I can now
actually revisit the question of what can't-miss tools I own -- and get
the brand names right, this time:

o  Ideal Industries, Inc. Crimpmaster (some model or other, not indicated)
o  Progressive Electronics, Inc. model 200B inductive amplifier
o  Progressive Electronics, Inc. model 77M toner
o  Harris - Dracon Division model HD8762/D-814 punch tool ("impact tool")
o  Siemon Company Modapt RJ45 pin-breakout tool (w/pin-diagrams for
   T568A, T568B, and USOC)
o  Ideal Industries T-Stripper wirestripping tool with preset holes for
   AWG 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

If I were careless enough to lose any of those, I'd buy another just
like it in a heartbeat.

The toner, inductive amp, and punch tool listed happen to be the exact
ones that all the grizzled old telco guys all have -- which should be a
clue that either they're really good, or a huge number of telco guys got
cheated all at the same time.  ;->  (They also tend to all have the same
make/model of "butt set" tester telephone, which I don't, because I
seldom touch voice circuits.)

You can learn a lot from old telephone company guys, but take care not
to learn too much:  I've seen several ethernet cabling jobs go off the
rails because these guys figure that Cat3 standards have been good
enough for them since 1952, so they should be good enough for you.

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