[conspire] iBook and Ubuntu/Kubuntu

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Sun Oct 2 08:47:37 PDT 2005

My experiences with putting Kubuntu 5.10 preview on a 12' 500 Mhz G3  
firewire iBook
have been mixed. Install went easily if a bit slowly.

Kubuntu looks nice and works well except for a few things.

First, usb thumb drive would not work.

Second, closing the cover puts the iBook to sleep, but it stops partway
when trying to wake when the cover is opened.

Third, no sound output.

Fourth, usb wifi dongle does not work. The dongle is good and works with
Calvin's iBook and Debian install.

Problem one was solved by doing a dist-upgrade. Went from 2.6.12-8 to
2.6.12-9. That was enough to get the usb drive to be recognized when
plugged in.

So far no joy on the other issues. Tried all the different settings  
for the sound
but no change. Sleeping still does not work. The wifi issue seems to  
be no
modules for wireless. Not sure how to solve that one.

I do find the iBook an interesting beast. A bit slow, what do you  
expect from
a 500 MHz processor and KDE. I am not overly enthused with the keyboard
and not a fan of the trackpad. On the other side, it is a nice  
package, great
screen which is very readable. The two usb ports and firewire port  
are very
handy and I carry a Logitech Trackman Wheel to use with the iBook.

I am sure that answers will be found for the remaining problems over  
the next
few weeks with help from diverse sources. I have an external firewire  
hard disk
and DVD drive that I plan to get working with the iBook as well.

I was not a great fan of laptops, but the used iBook was affordable  
so I got it.
It is slowly converting me to the usability of a laptop, though I  
still prefer my
desktop with dual 17 inch monitors.

Thanks to Calvin, Daniel, Rick and the rest of Cabalistas who helped  
getting me
so far along with the iBook.


When I'm on a golf course and it starts to rain and lightning, I hold  
up my
one iron, 'cause I know even God can't hit a one iron. (Lee Trevino)

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