[conspire] A bit more on that "worm"

barton barton at applitec.com
Sat Nov 12 16:27:03 PST 2005

>That is, malware is _not_ a security problem; malware is a secondary
>_after-effect_ of a security problem.
This is the best definition I have seen yet. Whether it's a
social-engineering exploit or a more devious invasion, it is still an
after-effect of not having ones system locked down.

Linux and Unix come pretty locked down to start with and the "system
administrator" has to work hard to screw things up. On the other hand
Windows come pretty much waiting for an attack, and one needs to work
pretty hard to lock it down. I know cooperate Windows sites that are
really secure and I now ones that are wide open. Windows can be pretty
secure if the IT staff works hard enough.

Home systems are another matter. Most Windows home users aren't into
computer science or "systems admininstation"  and without a little help
from the creator of the distribution are really at risk.
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