[conspire] (forw) BaySUG '05 Tomorrow! (and CABAL)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Nov 11 15:16:23 PST 2005

If you haven't yet subscribed, send your name/address to Jennifer, ASAP!
(If nothing else, you get a free tour of Computer History Museum.)

Remember, CABAL tomorrow will start at _6 pm_, because of BaySUG logistics.
In addition to Linux/BSD stuff, we have a new BBQ (thank you, Ross!) and
I'll inaugurate it with, oh, about 8 lb of beef, plus whatever else
people bring.

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Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 14:10:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Jennifer Davis <sigje at sigje.org>
To: sigje at sigje.org
Subject: BaySUG '05 Tomorrow!

hey guys!

Just wanted to remind you that BaySUG was tomorrow.  Registration onsite 
is still possible (there are about 100 seats available).  If people send 
me name, and address I can forward on to USENIX and get them registered as 
well.  Please remind your users that tomorrow is BaySUG!

I'm planning on getting the wiki up by tomorrow.  I've been waffling 
trying to get some generic space somewhere to put this up that wasn't 
USENIX or BayLISA so the different groups could feel more like they owned 
it together rather than any individual tie to any particular organization. 
I'm just going to put it up on the BayLISA site for now though, and at 
some point in the future, we could transition it to somewhere else if 

1 - Do you have a brochure or print out for your particular organization 
to place on the tables in the lobby so people know about upcoming events?
2 - Do you have specific individuals from your organization who will be 
keypoints to talking about your organization?
3 - Anyone have a system that we could possibly put up as a browsing 
station at the tables?  Just thinking if people want to browse websites 
that they could.  This has been a last minute thought, so if it doesn't 
happen I'm ok with that.

USENIX staff is manning the registration booth, and setup of everything 
else (auditorium wireless, and power).  It might be helpful if 
individually we bring a few extra extension cords, power cables "just in 

The plan at this point is to use the auditorium for the group leader 
discussion after the presentations (3:30pm-5:00pm).  We could meet up 
somewhere else after 5pm to continue discussions if people were interested 
(the Computer History Museum closes at 5pm.)

I personally will be onsite at 12pm.

For Introductions I do plan to announce each group that is registered so 
if you could give me a name to announce of a person present that would be 

(these will be short introductions with the point being that during the 
break, or sometime afterwards people know the point people to talk to 
about any particular organization.  I'm going to announce the name of 
group, name of individual, date the group meets.)

Thank you!  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible! :)

Jennifer Davis

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