[conspire] new printing problems

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 12:00:05 PDT 2005

was gonna psot this to svlug but they act funny.

had problem getting bottom tray to feed on my pixma
ip2000 from canon. it won't do it from the last listed
7000 driver but the 70004 driver next to it gives
awful results in color and some programs don't let you
adjust settings before paper starts coming out of
printer. so I used the 7000 driver and the top feed.

Now through the add printer feature in [ usually ]
kedit and its dependencies; it won't let me use that
driver so I'm stuck with the 7004 and saving anything
that needs color printing to the windows partition for
those wonderfully developed drivers and the AWESOME
full colr output under w98se. I actually would like to
go back to merely ok but easier output under linux. 

And only Kanotix makes doing scans from the hp~48000c
usb scanner easy, i need to reboot after pluggin the
power into the scanner and the bulb runs whenever the
power is on, early burn out unless left unplugged. 

Guess I'll try the new Kanotix and see if it can
replace MEPIS as my primary os. but i expect more
things to work better over time not fewer or worse. I
don't expect that i need to test every feature on
every release to avoid major surprises.

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