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Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Tue Jan 18 17:58:41 PST 2005

Rick, All,

I've been following the panix.com news with some interest; I'm a New
York transplant. Though one of the respected elder ISPs, along with
world.std.com and, later, netcom.com, I never used panix.com; though my
memory is not clear on this point, in 1989, when I was on Long Island, I
don't believe nixpub long listed them. (Does anyone here remember the
nixpub listings? Here's a preamble of one from 1992:

                              nixpub long listing
           Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [both Fee and No Fee]
                         [ September 1, 1992 ]

Systems listed (130)
 [   a2i       aa7bq     abode     actrix    admiral   agora     alchemy   ]
 [   alphacm   amaranth  anomaly   anubis    aquila    atrium    banana    ]
 [   bdt       bigtex    bitsko    bluemoon  btr       bucket    cavebbs   ]
 [   cellar    chinet    cinnet    cns       conexch   coyote    cpumagic  ]
 [   crash     cruzio    cyber     ddsw1     dhw68k    digex     dircon    ]
 [   disk      dorsaidm  edsi      eklektik  eskimo    gagme     gator     ]
 [   genesis   gna       gold      gorn      grebyn    grex      halcyon   ]
 [   hcs       helpex    highlite  holonet   ibmpcug   ichlibix  infocom   ]
 [   isys-hh   ixgch     jabber    jack      jwt       kb2ear    kcbbs     ]
 [   kralizec  latour    loft386   lopez     lunapark  lunatix   m-net     ]
 [   m2xenix   madnix    magpie    marob     medsys    micor     mindlink  ]
 [   mixcom    mv        ncoast    nervous   netcom    netlink   nuchat    ]
 [   nucleus   nyx       oaknet    oldcolo   pallas    panix     pnet51    ]
 [   polari    portal    quack     quake     r-node    raider    rock      ]
 [   sactoh0   schunix   scuzzy    sdf       sir-alan  sixhub    stanton   ]
 [   starnet   sugar     szebra    telesys   telly     tmsoft    tnc       ]
 [   tronsbox  tutor     unixland  uonline   uunet     uuwest    vicstoy   ]
 [   vpnet     wa9aek    wariat    well      wet       woodowl   world     ]
 [   wybbs     wyvern    xroads    zorch                                   ]

It will be very interesting to see how this all happened and who the
perpetrator was. As of last night, Monday evening, the how wasn't yet
known. However, it did hit the NY Times:

    Purloined Domain Name Is an Unsolved Mystery

If and when the method used to carry out the extralegal transfer becomes
known, please post it. However, I know that, at worst, I'll be able to
catch a fairly early analysis in RISKS:

    RISKS: Forum On Risks To The Public In Computers And Related Systems

, the NANOG mailing list(s) being too voluminous for me at this point.

Regards, and lock your domains even though that doesn't seem to have
stopped the evildoers in this case.

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