[conspire] Much thanks to Bruce and Ross (there WILL be a CABAL meeting)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Feb 24 14:24:29 PST 2005

Until a moment ago, for some reason, the CABAL Web page said this,
concerning this coming Saturday:

   Sat. Feb. 26 	4pm 	Menlo Pk 	CABAL meeting will not
   be held because Rick and Deirdre will be out of town.

Er, I have _no_ idea what that was supposed to refer to.  Although
Deirdre's going to be off on an errand until some time in the evening, I
had no such plans.  There _will_ be a CABAL meeting -- and I've fixed
the Web page.

The meeting's going to happen despite the fact that, er, I actually
_might_ not be there for some or all of the evening.  I'm driving with
Heather Stern and Jim Dennis to L.A. on Friday, and we'll be back at
some point on Saturday.

Therefore, Ross Bernheim and Bruce Coston have stepped forward to run
things.  Much thanks to them for volunteering, and I hope I make it home
in time to see some of you.

Something I'm downloading:  Zen Linux.   http://www.zenlinux.org/

It's yet another installable live CD, faintly derived from Knoppix.
i386 only is supported, so far (with AMD64 planned).  Difference:

o  The creator was tired of Knoppix and similar disks being slightly
   but not exactly Debian-compatible.  Zen Linux is 100%-compatible 
   with Debian-unstable (sid).

o  Knoppix was difficult to remaster.  Zen Linux is designed to be
   easy to reconfigure/rebuild.

o  Knoppix has a forest of boot options.  Zen Linux will try to 
   avoid the need for most of those.

So far, the installer script is dead-simple (and, accordingly,
inflexible).  E.g., it doesn't offer custom partitioning, and instead
just overwrites the target hard drive.  

It's said to be a really good and effective way of getting a
Debian-unstable system going on i386, and got a lot of good press.  It's
very new.  I'm currently pulling down the 1.0.5 development release ISO,
via BitTorrent.

Images available are:
o Core

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