[conspire] command-line ISPs, self-hosting, etc.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Feb 11 16:07:35 PST 2005

Quoting Adrien Lamothe (a_lamothe at yahoo.com):

> Have you ever used OpenNIC/OpenDNS for free domain
> registration? Would you recommend it? What method
> are you using for your self-hosted domains?

A friend reminded me about this, which I'd completely forgotten:


 6. How do I set up my own Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

    * Replace your named.ca with a db.root file listing all TLDs
      (available from AlterNIC).
    * Edit db.root -- take AlterNIC's bogus TLDs out and put your bogus
      TLDs in.
    * Set up your TLDs like any other DNS domains.
    * Get other people to do the same thing -- offer to recognize their
      bogus TLDs if they recognize yours.
    * Spread DNS anarchy.  Confuse corporations and governments.  Keep
      people who don't know DNS from mailing you or seeing your Web site
      -- get less mail from morons.
    * Form a Usenet-like non-organization to exchange bogus TLD
      information.  Have flame wars.
    * (Alternate answer from Rick Moen:  Invade a country to take over
      its 2-letter ISO country code.) 

7. Are bogus TLDs real?

They're real in the sense that you can configure BIND to recognize them,
and they work.  (Last I knew.)  They're just not real in the sense that
most people can look up hosts in them using their ordinary name servers
(which point to the root name servers, which are controlled by the Man.)

DNS is a consensus reality, and if you really want to establish a TLD
secret clubhouse you can.  You can even set up a Web site that is only
accessible to people who recognize your TLD, not to people who use your
IP address.  Doing that actually makes you cooler than everyone else.

If you put something on such an 31337 Web site that is so breathtakingly
excellent that all the little users bug their sysadmins and ISPs to
recognize your TLD so they can see your content, well, there you are.
You win!

Perhaps I'll rewrite Richard Stallman's Join us Now and Share the
Software in the style of South Park's Chef -- and perhaps I'll set
things up so that if you want to hear me play Join Me Now, Woman, and
Share the Sweet Lovin' Software on my bass, you have to point your Web
browser at:


Or perhaps I won't.  After all, I have a domain or two registered with
the fascist pig system anyway; I've sold out. 

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