[conspire] Free stuff on Saturday, redux

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Feb 11 12:26:45 PST 2005

Two of the three powered hard-drive towers have found homes, already. 
There's one left.

On further examination:  These things sit a bit _shorter_ than a typical
minitower PC case, and are designed to hold _four_ (not six/seven, as
I'd originally estimated) half-height (i.e., typical sized) hard drives.
There are sliderails and other mounting hardware.  The data connector in 
the back is old-style SCSI, the one that looked like a Centronics
parallel connector only longer.  There are two connectors, so in theory
you could pass through.  (Again, it wouldn't be hard to use non-SCSI
drives in these boxes, instead.)

A few things I forgot to mention, last time:

o  an electric-driven lemonade-maker (or orange-juicer, etc.).  In other
   words, you halve the fruit and then press it down on the motor-driven 

o  two PC-case stands.  These are side/bottom brackets that you
   wingnut-tighten onto any large PC case to let it sit vertically and 
   yet not be in any danger of falling over.

   They're a lot like these (top-left item):

o  Lots and lots of different type of SCSI cables (external and
   internal).  We have way more than we could ever use.

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