[conspire] command-line ISPs, self-hosting, etc.

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Wed Feb 9 13:18:22 PST 2005


After around 10 (ten) years, I'm contemplating leaving idiom.com, where
my domain, ixian.com, is hosted. Their disk quotas are just too ridicu-
lously small (20 MB), and now their policies on running spamassassin(1)
are becoming too draconian.

I'm looking to either move or make the leap to having ixian.com hosted
here at home, or to move first, then, down the road, host myself at home
once I figure out all the ins and outs.

What do people think about hosting site pair.com? They seem to offer
everything I need, for a reasonable price, and with over 100,000
customers, their reliability can't be too poor. Their disk quotas are
huge, their web traffic quotas are huge, and their monthly fee is very

Do people have other personal preferences? My web presence is small and
mostly static; I'm mainly looking for an ISP where I can SSH in and do
my command-line Emacs+VM thing, write and run occasional programs and
scripts, perhaps try out PHP things, e.g. phpBB, store my knowledgebase,
and host my domain and small web site.

Regards, and thanks,
Eric De Mund              |   Ixian Systems, Inc.   | cell: 650.303.4336
email: <ead at ixian.com>    | 650 Castro St, #120-210 |  fax: 240.282.4443
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