[conspire] Free stuff on Saturday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Feb 8 15:26:20 PST 2005

CABAL's next meeting is -- hey, no big surprise -- this coming Saturday, 
February 12, 4 pm - midnight:

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What's new is that I've finally gone through _all_ of my old computer
+ stereo gear, and have some stuff to give away.  You might think I did
that earlier, but no.  

Those of you who've been to CABAL before, remember the ghastly condition
of our garage?  You couldn't even walk much in that place.  Part of what
was jamming it up was my old gear.

That's all gone.  _All_.  The garage is clean.  You have to see it to
believe it.

That means that I have some stuff that's up for adoption.  This isn't
junk -- all the outright junk has been thrown away completely.   It's
just stuff I have no use for.  (Please:  Do NOT ask me to "reserve"
stuff for you or deliver it, etc.  Come to the meeting; first come,
first served.)

I'm not at home, and so don't don't have anything but a slightly foggy
memory of what's there.  It includes:

o  Several pieces of stereo gear, including a pair of speakers and a

o  Three powered enclosures each designed to hold a tower of about
six-seven hard drives.  They're intended for SCSI drives, but you can
use 'em for whatever, I'm sure.

o  About ten interlockable drawer-bearing cabinets intended to hold
floppy disks.  I used to use these to hold my master copies of
proprietary software (Windows and MacOS) circa eight years ago, and
_all_ of that software is still there.  (I think Bruce Coston has 
already adopted about half the original number of cabinets, leaving
about ten remaining.)

o  About 700 floppies, most of them in open-top boxes holding about a
hundred each.

o  Several parallel printer cables.

o  An HP "PrintPal", which is a send/receive fax server device that you 
connect between your PC and your HP DeskJet, letting you send and/or
receive faxes at any time, even when your PC is powered down.  Unopened
retail product.

o  A Comshare device that lets you share a single telephone line between
a faxmodem / fax machine and a voice line.  Idea is that the Comshare
silences the first ring of any incoming call and determines whether the
caller is an incoming fax or not.  If it is, the call is diverted to
your fax device, and your telephone never rings.  If it isn't, your
telephone starts ringing aloud, starting with the second ring.

o  Several high-quality single-drive disk enclosures designed to hold
a SCSI drive.  (As above, you can certainly put non-SCSI drives in them,
if you prefer.)

o  A bunch of old Macintosh-oriented cables, e.g.,
localtalk-to-Centronics parallel printer cables, and others.

Aside from that, my _remaining_ collection of computer parts / supplies
is now fully organised and accessible in the suddenly usable garage.
I know where everything is for the first time in about six years.

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