[conspire] MIMO wireless cards cheap at Fry's

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Sun Dec 11 14:21:04 PST 2005

Hi, folks.  

Anyone tried the Airlink MIMO routers and cards available 
at Fry's for $30 and $20 yet?  (today's adverts).

Obviously the router/AP would work, but I'm wondering what the 
chipsets are and what the chipsets in the cards are and what 
the Linux support is.  

Did a quick google search but didn't find anything by brand.
But that's not surprising- it's the chipset that counts and
the Fry's ads don't mention that (surprise, surprise).

Airlinks have been a good bargain for me in the past (worked 
well enough and cheap).  Looks like the sale's good till
Tues, so I may check them out.  Price looks worth the drive.

Anyone know if the higher-speed cards (802.11g and MIMO) do 
better in the latency department than the old ones did (ssh 
over early 802.11b chipsets was painful).

Tempted by the 60GB mp3/mpeg4 player too- I shouldn't. ;-)

Best Regards,


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