[conspire] 8lbs. pork

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 15:06:05 PDT 2005

> I've got 2each 18 oz. bottles of Kraft Roasted
> Garlic  Barbecue Sauce,
>   2each 18 oz. bottles of Kraft Teriyaki Barbecue
> Sauce, and a16.9 0z.
> container of Knorr Mole Sauce.
> Split ribs into 3 batches and do one of each sauce.
> Mole should probably
> bake in the oven, but the other two are good to go
> on the grill.
> Ross
package advised me to boil em for hour w garlic and
onions, will sprinkle spices -pepper [in case Heather
shows, and if she does i hope she isn't Jewish] and
store in fridge before grilling tomorrow with other
people's sauce and charcoal. Had some success with dvd
on my box where the optical is not on its own master
circuit, unlike the box where those .iso are stuck
with ross and i will grab em after cabal - wingrub
maybe able to boot those images directly.

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