[conspire] Anyone know of "TextMaker"?

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 28 16:20:49 PDT 2005

On Thursday 28 April 2005 07:49, Steve Bibayoff wrote:
> Hello,
> Using gmail does have it's entertaining side. After reading Rick
> Moen's reply  Apr 27, 2005 to an email thread w/ subject "SUSE
> again (was: Linux program to remove mail from server?", I glance
> over at the
> side bar and caught a sponsored add. Here is what it said:
> > OpenOffice slow, bloated?
> > OpenOffice too slow? Abiword missing all the nice features?
> > www.softmaker.com
> So I thought, what the hell, if I click on it, they pay for that
> ad placement any way, so I did.
> So, has anybody actually heard of these guys before? Comments?

We interviewed the owner, Martin Kotulla, for the Digital Tipping 
Point film.  He is a really very nice and very humble guy who is 
all the more endearing because he wears cheap suits.  He looks to 
be about 35 years old, or so, and has this angelic cherubic round 
face.  He is so politely earnest about his product. 

His product is entirely proprietary, but he swears that it will soon 
have a filter for OpenOffice.org.  His word processor actually 
loads quicker than AbiWord on my SuSE and Linspire desktops.  His 
primary hope for surviving Microsoft lies with handheld devices, 
where his very lightweight code is quicker and renders better than 
Word.  If you have a handheld, this is your word processor.  He 
also has the equivalent of Excel, called PlanMaker. 

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