[conspire] Re: We don't support Mozilla

Barton L. Phillips barton at applitec.com
Sun Apr 24 10:16:38 PDT 2005

>Lately I've been having a little fun by emailing sites that don't
>work with Mozilla/Firefox asking why.  Interestingly, it's mostly
>financial or banking sites that I end up emailing -- but that may be
>because that's where it bugs me the most that Firefox isn't supported.
I have had the same discussion with "my.yahoo.com". While the site web 
pages work in Firefox their music and video don't work, especially under 
Linux. I complained multiple times and then one day I got a phone call 
from tech support. A nice man talked to me about my problem and said 
that they don't support Firefox or Mozilla or Opera etc. etc. I said I 
didn't care and that they should. He said he would look into it and see 
if there was anything that could be done. I never heard any more about 
it -- but I did stop writing, which just goes to show that if a company 
responds to your complaints it may just get some piece.

As for microscopic fonts, I can't stand them or the people that think 
they have to make their pages fit 640 wide. Why? Can't they make things 
fit 100%, I do on all of my sites and they work just fine at 640 or 1600 

I do use UserContent and WebDeveloper and UserAgentSwitch and PerfBar 
and Greasemonkey and URIid but I really don't want or feel I should have 
to do the web design for all those stupid sites out there. Some of the 
worst are Linux news sites. I would have thought they would know better.

I complain more about font size and screen width than I do about which 
browser works. I look at the sites with Firefox and then with IE and 
when they have the same stupid problems with both I send the webmaster a 
message suggesting the site needs attention and that it fails to provide 
usability for people with a) poor eye sight and b) people with big high 
resolution monitors. Some time I get a response and some time the site 
actually changes.

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