Fwd: [conspire] New Installfest site-was-giving away Mepis boxes at a LUG installfest

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Sun Apr 17 19:11:46 PDT 2005

> On Apr 17, 2005, at 2:33 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
>> Well, you missed a really nice one, yesterday, at SVLUG's new 3rd
>> Saturday installfest location (a Google building near Shoreline
>> Amphitheater, in Mountain View).  I dropped in for a short while, just
>> to see how it was going, and I'd say it's a great venue.  (Yes, they 
>> did
>> provide Internet access.)
> A wonderful site for installfests. Great high speed internet access. 
> Plenty
> of desktop space, lots of plugs. Large whiteboard space. Comfortable
> chairs aplenty. Access is somewhat limited, but not unreasonable.
>> I would say that installfest/workshop meetings are _more_ fun for new
>> users than standard lecture-format meetings, not less -- specifically
>> because they're participatory and social.  In the early days of SVLUG,
>> back when it was at the north San Jose Carl's Jr. on First Street, 
>> _all_
>> of the group's events were participatory and social.  That was 
>> something
>> that was in danger of being lost when speakers started drawing 100+
>> people:  It was no longer possible to have the former "random access"
>> open-discussion session that until then took up most of the evening
>> _among_ the members -- so the 3rd Saturday installfests got started at
>> that time, to make sure the institution survived.
>> Some people bring refreshments, share them, and hang around to 
>> shmooze,
>> others bring machines to get help with, and still others come to 
>> assist,
>> to learn from others, or both.
> Yesterday was a bit short of snacks. Google does provide drinks, so no 
> one went
> thirsty.
>> You're certainly welcome to bring your machines to any CABAL meeting,
>> since those _are_ effectively installfests (among other things).  But
>> please be prepared to take away any that don't get adopted, since my
>> place is entirely too crammed with computers as it is.  ;->
> Cabal meetings of course have cooking facilities available and there 
> is usually
> a lot more food and alcaholic beverages such as wine and beer are often
> available for those so inclined. Cabal meetings are very social as 
> well as
> technical. :-)>
> Ross
Ross Bernheim

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