[conspire] Re: conspire Digest, Vol 16, Issue 18

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Sun Sep 26 08:02:46 PDT 2004

On Sunday, September 26, 2004, at 07:44 AM, 
conspire-request at linuxmafia.com wrote:

> The only way to know for sure is to directly examine the licensing of
> the software _in_ SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional Edition for IA32/AMD64.
> Which brings me back to the boxed set in front of me.
> I've grabbed:
> acroread-5.08-202.i586.rpm  from  CD1
> RealPlayer-  from CD1
> moneyplex-5.0-188.i586.rpm  from CD4
> opera-7.23-29.i586.rpm  from CD4
> OpenPBS-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-clients-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-devel-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-mom-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-scheduler-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-server-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5
> OpenPBS-utils-2.3.16-599.i586.rpm  from CD5

OK, I have no problem with not installing from CD or DVD the
above listed programs. Acroread I could download from Adobe
myself, and the same with RealPlayer. I don't need the others
so far as I know. Howerver, while SuSE is a nice distro, I prefer
Debian or Debian derived distros for their ease of administration.

Good Cabal meeting last night. Good people, good tech, good
food, a good time.

Ross Bernheim

I only do what the voices in my cereal tell me to, vote George Bush in 

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