[conspire] GRUB floppies exist

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Sep 22 14:04:49 PDT 2004

Quoting bruce coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> but u ma need 2compile them. "A particularly useful
> feature for testing dual and multi boot installs is
> that it can easily be installed on a bootable floppy
> which can be used to test the command syntax necessary
> to load each system. This can be done without
> committing any changes to disk, "

Ah, so by "GRUB flopy", you don't mean "floppy on which the GRUB program
is distributed for evaluation by interested users", you mean "floppy onto
which bootable binary information suitable for a given specific system
has been written by GRUB".  OK.

I'm still not sure I see the relevance.  From the cited error message,
it looked to me as if the error message was originating in GAG, not
GRUB.  In other words, it looked like a problem at the level of the
first-stage bootloader operating in the MBR and elsewhere in track zero,
not the secondary bootloader that is intended to run (if I understand
your system description correctly) from some root filesystem's

(Please consider my obligatory remark about the merits of simple boot
systems to be said without my hitting you over the head with it.)

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