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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 19 11:03:48 PDT 2004

Anyone interested in Linux events in/near Santa Cruz, plese take note:
This is TOMORROW evening.

Smaug is one of two active open source groups in the Santa Cruz area,
the other being Sluglug, the UC Santa Cruz student group.  (There's also
the old SCLUG group, run by Jay Campbell, at http://linus.got.net/ , which
despite a messed-up Web front page is still around and at times active,
mostly on its mailing list.)

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Quoting Phil White (cerise at armory.com):

> Remember the SMAUG (Santa Cruz Microsoft Alternatives User Group) meeting 
> tomorrow night (Monday).  It'll be at:
> Tiny's Restaurant
> 1549 41st Avenue
> Capitola 
> 831-475-5764
> I'll be there at 8 pm to get things going.  See you there 8)

Much thanks to Phil for not only getting this set up, but also finding
out that this restaurant (open 24 hours) is hospitable to groups and
basically a good _permanent_ meeting spot.  This fixes Smaug's big,
lingering problem about meeting space.

Therefore, the Smaug Web site (http://www.scruz.org/) is now updated to
show Tiny's as the _regular_ meeting spot.  Smaug will meet there on 3rd
Mondays, 8 PM.

Meeting location details:  Just south of 41st Avenue's intersection with
Capitola Road (which itself is just south of Capitola Mall).  A map,
complete directions, and public transit details can be found on Smaug's
Web site.

(I'm not going to be able to attend, because of a conflicting obligation.
If someone can write and describe the parking situation at/near Tiny's,
that would be appreciated, so I can append that to
http://www.scruz.org/dir.html .)

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