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Eric De Mund ead-cabal at ixian.com
Mon Oct 18 09:51:17 PDT 2004


] My grandparents went to a planet with no bilateral symmetry, and all I
] got was this lousy F-shirt.

Furthermore, it most likely lacked trilateral symmetry, as well.

Thanks for your useful notes re my (cheap, inflexible) Domex DTC-3181LE
SCSI card. This was a card that was thrown in for free with this $30
scanner, way back. And thanks for noting that Action Computer and a PCI
SCSI card with a Symbios chipset are the way to go. Very useful; I
didn't recall that Action sold this kind of thing. Is this a counter
item, or an in-a-bin-on-the-north-wall item?

Thanks for the remainder of your replies to my q's are pending. (-:

"At the moment, we are subsumed in the vortex of criticality."
--Alexander Haig, then Secretary of State

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