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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Sun Oct 17 00:05:59 PDT 2004

begin  Eric De Mund quotation of Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 11:02:42PM -0700:

> q1:  Is there a (non-commercial) graphical web browser under Linux that
>      remembers all my open tabs from the last session? This is one thing
>      I like about Opera, yet would love to find a non-commercial solu-
>      tion, here.

I don't know if Mozilla Firefox counts as "commercial"
but it's not proprietary like Opera, and you can
"Bookmark all tabs" from the Add Bookmark item in
the Bookmarks menu.

> q2:  What application rips audio CDs, using error-correction? I used to
>      use Exact Audio Copy under Windows, which would read a CD sector
>      repeatedly until it was happy it had read the sector correctly. It
>      was a superb ripper, handling scratched CDs with aplomb. Not to
>      mention grace, and elan.

A scriptable text tool is abcde:

Sound Juicer is a GUI app:

> q3:  Is CUPS now the preferred way to go, for printing? I need to figure
>      out printing. I have a NEC non-PostScript laser printer (NEC Super-
>      Script 870) directly connected to my system.

What did your distribution set up for you?  Better to
go with what they give you unless you really want to
be a printer tweaking expert.

> q5:  Is XMMS still king, for playing audio?

I'm having fun with Rhythmbox, but for some reason
the version 0.8.5 on this Ubuntu install is freezing
up when I try to add a new Internet radio station.
Works fine for local oggs though and has a cleaner
look than XMMS.


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