[conspire] Ubuntu, Knoppix, & other Debian-derived distros

Calvin Wong cwong47 at ccsf.edu
Fri Oct 15 11:15:07 PDT 2004

outdated? do you really need the latest and greates on your production server?
if you are talking about outdated desktop packages, look into testing or

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, William R Ward wrote:

> So, what happens to security updates with all these other distros?  Do
> they have security teams that provide patches whenever a Debian Woody
> security patch is released?
> I'm tired of the way Woody is so outdated, but I really like the way
> the Debian security team does such a good job of staying on top of the
> patches.
> --Bill.
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Aesop's fables and other traditional children's stories involve allegory
far too subtle for the youth of today.  Children need an updated message
with contemporary circumstance and plot line, and short enough to suit
today's minute attention span.

	The Troubled Aardvark

Once upon a time, there was an aardvark whose only pleasure in life was
driving from his suburban bungalow to his job at a large brokerage house
in his brand new 4x4.  He hated his manipulative boss, his conniving and
unethical co-workers, his greedy wife, and his snivelling, spoiled
children.  One day, the aardvark reflected on the meaning of his life and
his career and on the unchecked, catastrophic decline of his nation, its
pathetic excuse for leadership, and the complete ineffectiveness of any
personal effort he could make to change the status quo.  Overcome by a
wave of utter depression and self-doubt, he decided to take the only
course of action that would bring him greater comfort and happiness: he
drove to the mall and bought imported consumer electronics goods.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Invest in foreign consumer electronics manufacturers.
		-- Tom Annau

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