[conspire] libselinux

Greg Dougherty gregd at molecularsoftware.com
Wed Oct 6 11:26:54 PDT 2004

I'm trying to get my Fedora 2 installation entirely up to date.  You would think
this would be a simple task.  At least, I did.

I was wrong.

up2date has two packages it won't upgrade, fam and fam-devel.  (I'm at 2.6.10-9,
there's an FC2 that's available.)  It won't upgrade them because they require
libselinux 1.17.  I have libselinux 1.11.4-1 installed.  up2date doesn't appear
to want to upgrade it, so I went out and downloaded the libselinux 1.17.13-3

Now, rpm doesn't want to install libselinux, telling me:

file <name> from install of libselinux-1.17.13-3 conflicts with file from
package libselinux-1.11.4-1

It says this even when I pass in the --replacepkgs flag.

What is going on here?  Do I need to do --force?  What do I need to do in order
to turn that damn red update baloon blue?



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