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Tue Nov 9 21:48:09 PST 2004

Rick, Ross, All,

Peter Young <luv at liveitnerd.com> to <luv-talk at luv.asn.au>:
] Just a note of interest, I found RedHat installed on something differ-
] ent today, a photocopier!!
] Makes you wonder what else you could do with it! With the spare PCI
] slot, add a sound card, recompile the kernel to add sound support, add
] a 120GB HDD and have it as an MP3 juke box as well!! I can see an ad-
] venturous student at a Uni or School using the space to store files!
] :-) Oh the fun that could be had!

Well... (-:

    The Secret Life of Copiers

    Most copy machines are now full-blown IT devices, with network and
    E-mail server connectivity. Any information stored on them can often
    be accessed by employees and targeted by hackers or thieves.
    Karen Bannan, CFO Magazine  
    May 01, 2004  

    Last fall, reports began circulating that a large university in the
    Northeast had uncovered an illegal music-file-swapping service on
    campus. Generally, when such a story hits, it turns out that the
    swappers were hosting their service on a friend's notebook. Or a
    portable hard drive. Or even on a server in a school computer room.

    Not this time. This time, the music files were stored in a spot
    nobody would ever think to look: a copy machine. The students were
    actually transferring MP3s to and from a hard drive on a copier (the
    machine's hard drive was designed to capture and store scanned docu-
    ments). Apparently, a member of the school's IT department stumbled
    on the plot after noticing a remarkable amount of traffic going to
    and from the networked copier.

    [ remainder elided ]
    Karen Bannan is a Long Island, N.Y.-based freelance writer.

"Criminals today have guns. Soon they will have computers and other
weapons of mass destruction." --U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno

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