[conspire] USB Printer and Semi-functional Fax available

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre at deirdre.net
Fri Nov 5 21:24:45 PST 2004

Due to a hardware upgrade, I've now got two pieces of equipment that  
will remain unused and are up for claiming:

1) Lexmark X83 (print, scan, copy) color printer, prints via USB. While  
it can handle color, it's currently only got a black-and-white  
cartridge installed (purchased last week). USB cable not included.

Manuals and software available online:


2) Sharp UX-300 fax machine, which, at present SENDS ONLY. It is a  
plain paper machine, but it keeps insisting that the paper is jammed.  
This isn't a bad thing, actually, the supplies are rather expensive.  
But if you want to send the occasional fax, it does a good job.

Manual can be found online:


Both are available for free.

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