[conspire] permissions on different distributions

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 23:33:11 PDT 2004

trying to live with several installs and the hassle of
setting permissions, gives me a temporary conclusion
that only Mandrake is acceptable of what i put on my
box. Eventually i suspect some other distro will get
working so well that i go through permission hassle
and it becomes my permanent. i hope pclinuxos,
mandrake based, has the same permissions, asking for
root password is much nicer than go login as root and
i'm not gonna teach my users the command line so su
root isn't good enough.
     By the way, know of any special dangers re
synaptic, i just put it on my mandrake, i hope it
saves some rpm hassle, it seemed to want some kind of
apt packages. with arch almost working, i'm very
hopeful and i may get printer 2 going under mandrake!

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